Our mission statement:

Seeking to make a difference and acting as a catalyst for positive change

Az2B  Theatre Company specialises in creating innovative, impactful theatre for Arts in Health, Education & Training.  Set up with the intention of bringing great theatre to as many people as possible, it has generated a reputation for high quality, inspirational theatre which is exciting, entertaining and has something to say.

Az2B creates original work through a process of collaboration, evidence based research and a desire to impact change.  We take the “full theatrical experience” out into the community, performing our unique brand of high quality theatre in an eclectic range of venues:

Theatres, Community Centres, Village Halls, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Youth Centres, Conference Centres, Offices, Care Homes, Hospices, Football Stadiums, Museums, Libraries Galleries, Churches, The Houses of Parliament and an old Dairy! If you’ve got the space, Az2B can perform in it!

Grandma Remember Me?

Az2B began it’s journey in October 2012 with Grandma Remember Me? A powerful, moving story looking at the journey of dementia through the eyes of a child. Applicable for all ages, it explores the wider impact on family, the need for support an understanding within our communities and the importance of memories and relationships within our lives and how to keep and treasure them.

The most powerful play I have ever experienced!

I wanted to say how wonderful your production of Grandma Remember Me? was! The portrayal of grandma was so accurate and your play brought our the positive moments as well as showing the obvious stress and headache of having a family member with Alzheimer’s. The puppetry was excellent! The humour was just right! I want to thank you for bringing the reality of Alzheimer’s into people’s awareness is such a brilliant, entertaining way. ps loved Shandy the dog! Wanted to take him home with me, but I don’t think my cat would be too pleased!

After several national tours and international performances in India, we responded to requests from our audience to develop a second play exploring the next stage of dementia.


What do you see?

The collaboration process began in March 2016 and in October 2016 our second play What do you see?  was taken out on its first national tour. Acting as a companion piece to Grandma Remember Me? What do you see? explores the later stages of dementia within a care home setting. It looks at the importance of life histories within person centred care, challenges taboos around death and shows the possibility of choice and the empowerment advance end of life care planning brings.

Can’t express how amazing this performance was! Life changing!

This production touched my heart. It made me think deeply about relationships with the ones I love. Thank you.

I was very impressed with this play. It seemed to capture very clearly and simply the stark differences which exist re dementia care. In particular there was a real sense of the difference that good leadership can have on a care home and the need for carers to feel cared for. This reflects the work of individuals such as David Sheard.



Both plays will be going out together in our upcoming October/November 2018 national tour. For information and bookings please click on:  What’s On:

If you would like to book either Grandma Remember Me? or What do you see? Please contact az2btheatrecompany@gmail.com

Grandma on the Moon

Az2B can now confirm our new play Grandma on the Moon is up and running! The aim of the play is to raise awareness and understanding of the bereavement process from a child’s perspective, to support families and to promote positive conversations around death.   

“Funny, magical, moving. I loved it!!”

For more information about the play: Grandma on the Moon


If you would like to book the play, we will be taking it out on a national tour May 2019. For more information please contact az2btheatrecompany@gmail.com