Grandma on the Moon


“Grandma 0n The Moon” is a beautiful story exploring a child’s understanding of loss & bereavement. Timmy aged 10, understands death means “you don’t come back” Poppy, age 5 doesn’t. She wants to find her grandma to “tell her something really important” Using the imaginative play of children, they go on adventures through lands magical & familiar to try and “find grandma”. Leaving their den at the bottom of the garden, they transport themselves into space, get advice from Mr Scarecrow, ride a camel in Egypt, fight their way through canyons and over rope bridges until finally sailing their boat alongside giant jelly fish.

Grandma in the Moon aims to support young people & families through the bereavement process, encouraging us to have open, honest conversations around death. It shows how children grieve differently to adults and raises awareness of different support strategies to help manage conflicting emotions. We also see the impact of memories and the importance of keeping those we have loved alive within our hearts and minds even thought they are no longer with us.

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Filming & editing by Brett Harvey
Music Composition by Martin Skews
Written by Belinda Lazenby