Grandma on the Moon

National tour May 2019

Grandma on the Moon is going out on a national tour from Saturday 11th May – Tuesday 28th May 2019. Tour dates can be found on our What’s on page

Grandma on The Moon is a beautiful story exploring a child’s understanding of loss & bereavement. Timmy aged 10, understands death means “you don’t come back” Poppy, age 5 doesn’t. She wants to find her grandma who has recently died to “tell her something really important” Using the imaginative play of children, they go on adventures through lands magical, memorable & familiar to try and “find grandma”. Leaving their den at the bottom of the garden, they transport themselves into space, get advice from Mr Scarecrow, ride a camel in Egypt, fight their way through canyons and over rope bridges until finally sailing their boat alongside giant jelly fish.

Grandma on the Moon is a high quality piece of theatre which raises awareness and understanding of the bereavement process from a child’s perspective, encouraging us to have open, honest conversations around death & dying. It shows how children grieve differently to adults which can often lead to misunderstandings and confusion. It raises awareness of different support strategies to help manage conflicting emotions. We also see the impact of memories and the importance of keeping those we have loved alive within our hearts and minds even thought they are no longer with us.

Promotional video:

Filming & editing by Brett Harvey
Music Composition by Martin Skews
Written by Belinda Lazenby


Feedback from showcase events:

“Combines the imaginative thrill of childhood with complex philosophies, jellyfish & giggles. So important that children & their families see this work. Unique. xx”

“Never mind every child should see this…..every adult ……every family!! BRILLIANT”

“Loved it!”

“I’ve never laughed so much about death!”

“Thanks so much, great way to talk to someone with loss. The words were clear for 6 year olds to 66 year olds! A lovely evening of fun & sadness, brilliant!!!”

“Sensational!! Very clever & incredibly moving.”

“Not just for children, we can all learn from this. Well done.”

“The music really made the “scenes of adventure” come alive – especially under the sea. Great performances. Big issues. Tackled with guts. Fab evening.”

“A heartwarming introduction for people of al ages on how to start dealing with loss.”

“Funny, magical, moving. I loved it!”

“This was excellent! Fun, inventive and introducing ideas about death that would be very real and helpful for children. we need much more of this for children and in society generally – to talk openly about all issues surrounding end of life. Well done!

“Bringing the conversation to the table”

“The rhythm of humour and sadness was very good. One minute you are laughing, then near to tears then it breaks again into action and humour.”

From school

“Hi Belinda. Well that was just wonderful – the whole place is buzzing, children and staff. Such a treat for us all, thank you so very much. I’ll send more feedback and the forms etc next week, but everyone agrees that the play was entertaining, thought-provoking and sensitive. I’ve honestly never seen the children so engaged, it was magical.”


  • Liked Poppy’s misuse of language.
  • I’ve never seen my 5 year olds so still and engaged for so long. They usually get fidgety after 15 minutes.It’s a tricky catchment area, to maintain their attention for that long was amazing.
  • It was helpful to use the badger, using an animals death is a good way to start a conversation.
  •  The memory jar was a powerful enabling strategy to take away with you.
  • It works for 5-10 year olds, key stage 1 & 2.

Children aged 5-10 years

  • I really enjoyed this and other children with a loss can relate to this. Ciara
  • I thought the play was very funny and really good
  • I thought the play was funny Well done.
  • Technically the piece of Granny was in her the whole time
  • I really thought the use of the memory were good
  • I like the play. It was about something that may happen in the future may already hap-pened. But isn’t upsetting
  • I thought it was humorous and thoughtful. Thanks for a great afternoon
  • I really liked their acting that made them look like 10 and they struggled to say difficult words. I liked the story line and the humour. I really enjoyed it.
  • Amazing performance it really was! I really think this story makes a good book for test.
  • Well done. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see it again.
  • I really liked the sense of humour and liked all of it
  • I really enjoyed it. I would like to see it again. Ps Jelly fish
  • I liked it because the emotions were balanced and I thought it would help improve peo- ples imaginations
  • I liked the big umbrella jellyfish
  • I liked the memory pot and it made me warm inset and I really enjoyed it 10/10