Grandma Remember Me?

Thoughts of the Playwright

We were lucky in our family to have a Grandma who was fun and great to be with. She always had stories to tell and had a never ending supply of Rowntree Mackintosh chocolates in a bowl on the sideboard. She never shouted, despite our fights, squabbles and general rowdy behaviour. We loved her to bits.

Then she started to change. She kept forgetting things, endlessly repeating the same stories, forgetting where she was and where she’d been. We didn’t know what to say to her or how to behave. She was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Thankfully, there is now far more awareness and support for families affected by dementia, which is a positive change. Because of my own personal experience, I was interested to know how children in families are helped and supported today. Research showed that most of the resources are directed towards people with dementia and their carers, understandably so, particularly in today’s climate of cuts. Grandma Remember Me? was written as a means to address this. It aims to raise awareness, understanding and compassion showing that despite the disease, it is still possible to maintain an emotional connection with the person you love. 

My mum was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she died just before Christmas 2014. Like Grandma she had her good days and her bad. She didn’t always know my name, but she always smiled when she saw me. On special days she said “my daughter”   those special days made me smile.

This play would have helped me. I hope it helps you.