Project Development

Research began in 2017 in partnership with Penhaligon’s Friends, a Cornish charity supporting bereaved children, young people, parents and carers throughout Cornwall. A successful Creation Space grant from Hall for Cornwall enabled us to have an amazing week of exploration at The Poly in Falmouth, where characters were developed and themes explored.

In January 2018 we had a 2 week Research & Development period supported by grants from the Arts Council, FEAST, Smartline & Cultivator. It was an amazingly creative process and one we all enjoyed!

At the end of the rehearsal process we showcased it at at 3 different venues, a conference in Pool, the Writers Block at KEAP and at Falmouth Primary Academy.

Some feedback:

“It was deeply moving” “I can’t believe how much I was laughing about death” “It made me cry” “It made me think of my childhood”  “I was disappointed it had to stop” “ I used to play like that”

“It was like sadness and fun collide” “The rhythm of humour and sadness was very good. One minute you are laughing, then near to tears then it breaks again into action and humour.”

“Hi Belinda, well, that was just wonderful – the whole place is buzzing, children and staff. Such a treat for us all, thank you so very much… everyone agrees that the play was entertaining, thought-provoking and sensitive. I’ve honestly never seen the children so engaged, it was magical.” (Teacher)

Comments from children (age range from 5-10 years)

  • I really enjoyed this and other children with a loss can relate to this. Ciara
  • I thought the play was very funny and really good
  • I really thought the use of the memory were good
  • I like the play. It was about something that may happen in the future may already happened. But isn’t upsetting
  • I thought it was humorous and thoughtful. Thanks for a great afternoon
  • Amazing performance it really was! I really think this story makes a good book for test!
  • Well done. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see it again. Well done
  • I really liked the sense of humour and liked all of it
  • I really enjoyed it. I would like to see it again. Ps Jelly fish
  • I liked it because the emotions were balanced and I thought it would help improve peoples imaginations
  • I liked the big umbrella jellyfish
  • I liked the memory pot and it made me warm inset and I really enjoyed it 10/10

Grandma on the Moon will be taken out on a national tour in May 2019. If you would like to book the show, please contact:

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors & grant providers. To see who they are, please click here: Thank you!